Herefordshire CAMRA

Odyssey Brewery

Odyssey Brew Co., The Brewery, Brockhampton Estate, Whitbourne, WR6 5SH.

Tel (01885) 483496; Website

This six-barrel brewery was installed in 2008 by Willoughby Brewing Company, in a beautifully-restored barn on a National Trust estate. It was taken over, first in 2011 by Brew ON CIC who only brewed sporadically whilst endeavouring to overcome electricity supply problems, and then in 2014 by the Odyssey Brew Company.

A large range of beers are produced, for the Beer in Hand, Hereford and also for a wide-ranging free trade. Many of the beers are experimental in nature, and feature a large variety of hops

Syren (ABV 3.9%) Ultra-pale hoppy beer